Veteran’s Day

Is it possible to be too patriotic?  Nope.  I Don’t think so.  But, there are times when I wish I wasn’t quite so emotional about it.  I get choked up every time I hear the National Anthem.  I mean EVERY TIME.  Before a ball game, at the starting line of a 5k, or on tv.   I get weepy when I hear the news of another fallen soldier.   I get choked up when I drive by the memorial on our courthouse square that holds the name of a marine that died too young.  But, that is exactly why that memorial was placed there.  So that we wouldn’t forget.   The names carved in stone represent real men and women that went to war and never came home.  They represent a mother that had to bury her son, a brother that buried a brother, and a daughter that buried a father.

As we come upon the holiday season, don’t forget about the troops that won’t be at home with their families.  And remember the families that will have an empty seat at the table.  I want you to consider sending them a card to let them know that you haven’t forgotten and thank them for their sacrifice.  And take some time to put together a care package for our troops.   If you don’t personally know someone that is serving, there are several wonderful organizations that you can send your package through.  Here are a few:

Let’s make every day Veteran’s Day.  Don’t just thank a soldier today, but every day.  Don’t just salute the flag today, but every day.  Don’t just pray for our troops today, but every day.  Because EVERY DAY they are fighting for you!


2 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. Amen Tiffany, these men and women need to be appreciated every day and so do their families for their sacrifice. They never know when their lives are going to be turned upside down again. When the rest of us think our day sucks or our lives are terrible we need to think of these families, and the soldiers and what they go through on a daily basis and thank god that we have our loved ones with us to help us through the bad days. Thank you to all of the veterens and the soldiers who keep our country free and a special thank you to my brother for his service and to my wonderful sister-in-law who keeps their family together while he’s gone.

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