Little Debbie is a Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never met me.  I’m not your typical woman when it comes to Valentine’s Day and all that lovey-dovey stuff.  I think diamonds and roses are way overrated.  I’d be a nervous wreck with expensive diamonds hanging from my ears and neck because I’d be in a constant state of  panic for fear of losing them.  And roses cost a lot and die.  Surprise me with a Kit-Kat or fresh picked flowers and I’m a happy girl.

When I was in jr. high, one of the high school classes used to sell mylar balloons and single stem roses at Valentine’s Day.  They would deliver the gifts  throughout the school day.  Usually the gifts were sent from parents or boyfriend/girlfriends, but every now and then somebody would get one from a “secret admirer”.  Not me though.  If you ever saw a pic of me in 8th grade you would know why.  Okay.  I’ll post a pic just because I know y’all need a really good laugh.  Easy on the comments please.  I’m still recovering from the trauma of the haircut.

(Any questions?  By the way, there’s a really great story behind that haircut.   I’ll probably write an entire blog post about it one of these days. )

One year a friend of mine said that we should send each other balloons so that people thought we had “secret admirers”.  I promise it wasn’t my idea, but I did go along with it.  I think our classmates figured it out pretty quick…..

As I got older, Valentine’s Day became way more fun.  First of all, I didn’t have to send myself gifts.  Secondly, I actually had friends giving me Valentine’s because they wanted to.  But, there were times that I did kind of envy those girls that got giant teddy bears soaked in Eternity for Men from their boyfriend.

It’s funny how your idea of what is romantic changes as you get older. I think teenagers think roses are sweet because everybody says roses are the “flower of love.” (I said that in my best french accent.)  But you know what my idea of a super romantic date is?  Finding a babysitter for the kids and driving to a town about 2 hours away where nobody knows us.  Go into Wal-Mart at midnight and have backwards buggy races.  Then (if we haven’t been kicked out yet) I’ll let hubby push me around in a cart while we shop for bowling supplies.  You know….like 10 boxes of Little Debbies or 10 2-liters of Root Beer and a cantelope or a soccer ball from sporting goods.  When nobody’s looking,  we set up our bowling alley in the gardening department (less chance of somebody shopping there at midnight).  I suppose it might be a good idea to pay for the supplies beforehand so that when…er…if we get caught we can at least say that the stuff is ours.  After we’ve been run out of Wal-Mart, we drive through Taco Bell and order a hard taco without the shell and a caramel apple empanada with extra cheese.

Yep.  That’d be a pretty awesome date.  If our kids ask what we did we can’t tell them.  Because we’re too old to have any fun. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!  Do something crazy and eat lots of chocolate!


4 thoughts on “Little Debbie is a Girl’s Best Friend

  1. That’s awesome! And the haircut…um…I had the EXACT haircut. Seriously. I should go dig up my picture. My story is kinda lame. I still have nightmares to this day that I up and cut my hair just like that again! 😉

    Sounds like a PERFECT date night. We still like to randomly go to taco bell at all hours of the night, and rive around eating our yummies. I know I’m supposed to eat healthy most of the time, but on date night you can cheat right? But, on the other hand I do love roses. But, I’m kinda weird about flowers…I still have the same flowers that Josh gave me on the first few dates. I also kept the flowers from each bouquet throughout the years, and dried them, hehehe. Okay, now that I’ve embarrassed myself I’ll go away. 😉

    • Phew. Glad to know I wasn’t alone with the haircut and that I’m not the only one that has scissor nightmares.

      Lest you misunderstand, I don’t dislike roses. I actually love them! But, I’d rather go shopping with the cash and buy something that will last longer. lol Very sweet that you’ve kept all of your flowers from Josh. I finally tossed my prom corsages in the trash about a year ago. They had been in my hope chest since 1993-ish and were starting to smell funky. I decided it was time to let them go. :p

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