My Heart

By the way, this pic is a heart cake.  Gross, huh?  I had to post this to lighten the mood a little. (And no, I didn’t make this.  Some other sicko did.)

I’m somebody that has a great fear of being over dramatic.  I’m very animated when I talk and write, but try not to make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to serious matters. We all know people that are quite the opposite.  After a while it turns into a “boy who cried wolf” thing and we never know when to take them seriously.  This is especially true of “friends” on Facebook. It’s SO easy to whine and complain when you’re not looking anyone in the face.  For that reason I try to keep my posts impersonal….for the most part.  Anyhoo, I’m saying all that to say that I wouldn’t post a request for prayer unless I was truly seeking prayer.

Last Friday morning, around 2:30 a.m., I woke up feeling odd.  I was sweating profusely, shaking, dizzy, nauseous, and having sharp pains shooting through the left side of my neck, arm, and shoulder.  After about an hour of this I got online.  I tell ya, sometimes the internet can be a curse.  It can put all kinds of ideas in your head, especially if you like to try to self-diagnose like I do.  All of the symptoms pointed to a possible heart attack.

The following day, I called my family physician and they agreed that it was something to be taken very seriously.  They urged me to go to the ER for blood work and monitoring.   I let the burden of finding someone to watch the kids, finances, and the stress of being in the hospital keep me from going.  All the while I was in shock at the possibility of having a heart attack at 33.  It just seems unreal.  I waited out the weekend and did more research.  I came across information that stated that thyroid attacks or storms have very similar symptoms to heart attacks.  As a “victim” (I use that word loosely) of Hashimoto’s disease I felt like a thyroid attack was a very real possibility and I was encouraged to think that maybe it wasn’t my heart after all.

I placed a call to my thyroid doctor on Monday only to hear that he thought the chances were very slim that my little “episode” was thyroid related.  In fact, he was insistent that it was most likely a cardiac problem.  I’d be lying if I said I slept well after that call.  I was awake most of the night with my mind racing.  It’s crazy what your mind will do to you during something like this.  I just kept praying for peace and that the Lord would calm my fears, and He did.

This morning I had an EKG done and everything looked normal.  However, as a precaution I’ll be visiting a cardiologist and an endocrinologist for further testing.  I’m just not at peace with letting this go.  I want everything to come back clear, but I also want some answers.  All I know is that what happened Friday morning wasn’t normal.  Something was going on and we need to find out what.

So, I ask for your prayers.  Prayers for peace of mind for me and D.  And prayers for wisdom for the doctors.

Have any of you ever experienced something like this?  Do you know anybody who has?  I’m not getting much encouraging input on my end and haven’t found anyone who has been through anything similar.  I’d love to get some input!

Side note:  Sorry if this post was a little heavy and serious.

Check back next time for a great dinner recipe!  Can’t wait to share it with you!


2 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. I’ve been thinking, and praying for you since your status update on FaceBook. My mom went through something very similar a few months ago. She’s had to undergo some serious testing, and they’ve finally narrowed down the problem. It is always scary to walk the unknown, but am grateful for the peace witch surpasses all understanding!

    I’ll be praying for wisdom for the doctors, and peace for you & family!

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