Babies and Nasty-cakes

I just returned from a mini-vacation to Minneapolis where I visited my sister and her family and met my brand new nephew, Asher.  And boy is he sweet!  If anything will give you the baby bug, holding a day old baby sure will.

We had a short but wonderful trip.  The girls enjoyed spending some time with their cousins and going to the Mall of America for the first time.  That place is pretty stinkin’ impressive.  Wow!

While in Minneapolis I was anxious to visit a cupcake shop or two.  After doing extensive Google research and reading reviews we decided to check out Cocoa & Fig.  This shop had earned the honor of having the best cupcakes in Minneapolis.  Their website is gorgeous and the cupcakes looked amazing!  I was giddy!

When we arrived at the shop, I ordered a dozen assorted cupcakes.  Some of the flavors being Peanut Buster Parfait, Lemon Coconut, Carrot Cake, etc.

I carried around my $33 box of cupcakes for about 5 minutes before I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I grabbed the Lemon Coconut one and took a huge bite.  Don’t let the pic above fool you.  Those cupcakes were na-ha-stu-hay! (that was my Jim Carrey voice).  Disgusting.  The cake was some of the most dense and dry cake I’d ever eaten and the frosting was the consistency of a stick of butter and tasted like it too.  The only positive thing I can find to say about the cupcakes is that they were beautiful.   Thinking that I must have picked a bad one, I tasted the rest after we got back to my sister’s house.  Every one of those things were nasty.

I couldn’t help wondering if this was what gourmet cupcakes are supposed to taste like.  A disadvantage of being a self-taught home baker is that I bake based on my own taste and that of my family.  I had never had the opportunity to taste cakes or cupcakes from fancy shops or be taught how to make them at culinary school.  So, maybe these things really were good and I just don’t know what good tastes like?

After I got over my paranoia, I decided that I had better do some more research and taste more cupcakes.  So, I placed an order for a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake.  You know them.  They’re the girls with the show DC Cupcakes on TLC.  My cupcakes will be here tomorrow.  I can hardly wait to review them for you!

In the meantime, what’s your favorite kind of cupcake?  Do you like funky flavors or classics?  Do you like them with filling?  Do you have a favorite cupcake place?


2 thoughts on “Babies and Nasty-cakes

  1. Okay, WAY fun that you ordered cupcakes from them! I can’t wait to hear how they taste. I think I’m almost as anxious as you are. You should do that more often to random places just to get a feel. Wish I was there to taste them, too of course 🙂
    Can you please tell Grace that Jaykin won’t stop talking about her and will out of nowhere bring up how he wants to play with Gracie. lol If she wasn’t a cousin…she’d be his first girlfriend

  2. I have to say that I don’t get out much, but I believe I’ve found the PERFECT cupcake! It’s called salted caramel… know the rest!

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