Oh, Woe Is Me

I have a humiliating confession to make.  I’ve been tempted to give in to the pressure.  The pressure to become one of “those” people on Facebook.  You know the ones…..the only time they post a status update is to complain about their health, their spouse, financial woes, politics, the world coming to an end, etc.   Come on people!  Surely you have just one good thing you could post.  Something like “…..is super excited because there were enough Lucky Charms left for all of us to get a bowl for breakfast!”  or “……has the best husband in the world.  He surprised me with a Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper on his way home from work!”.

As I’ve been curled up on my couch for 3 days with some kind of allergy/respiratory/cough-that-wouldn’t-go-away/my-lungs-are-on-fire thing, I’ve wanted desperately to give in and try to squeeze some sympathy out of my precious Facebook friends.   I wanted someone to feel sorry for me, doggone it!

Somehow kids and husbands don’t seem to think that we’re allowed to get sick.  They still want breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They still want baths and band-aids and chocolate milk.   They still want full sock & underwear drawers and clean dishes.  I’m beginning to think that it wouldn’t be all that harmful to let the kids wear the same underwear a few days in a row or eat off of napkins at every meal.  Okay….nevermind about the underwear thing.

Anyway, I refrained from posting anything on Facebook.  Aren’t you proud?  I did, however, start seeing my Facebook “the-sky-is-falling” friends in a new light.  Maybe they need some affirmation that they’re not the only one out there that feels the way they do.  Maybe they just need a little sympathy every now and then.  Maybe they just need a big ol’ virtual group hug.  *sniff*  Or maybe, just maybe, they need a blog.  Hmmm…….


8 thoughts on “Oh, Woe Is Me

  1. THIS is why I love you. We are so different but OH so very much alike. I’m glad you are so good with words and can speak what some of us would love to be able to say. Hope you are better soon and wish I were there to help ya out every now and then…and visa versa (you help me haha)

    • Um….are you trying to say that I made a pointless rant on my blog? *scratch head* Even if it was pointless it sure made me feel better. 🙂 I wish you were around to help me out too (and vice versa). Does that mean you’re coming for a visit or are you going to make me catch up on visits up there first?

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