Never Too Old For Secret Santa

I struggle with calling myself a blogger.  I’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule out there that says you have to write more than two blog posts a year to be a legitimate blogger.  Regardless, I accepted an invitation from a real live legitimate blogger to join Arkansas Women Bloggers.   The name pretty much says it all, but in case you’re still wondering what ARWB is, it’s a network of women bloggers from around the state.  I’m still trying  to figure things out, but they ladies from ARWB have welcomed me with open arms.

When I saw the announcement for this year’s ARWB Secret Santa Christmas Ornament Exchange I  signed up.  Just reading the phrase “Secret Santa” made me feel 13 again and I got all kinds of excited.  It took me back to school days in Denton, Montana when we drew Secret Santa names.  In a school as small as ours it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who had drawn your name.   There was one year in particular that my crush got my name.  Bless his adorable little dimpled heart.  He had no idea what he had gotten himself into.  That was the most glorious few weeks of my 13-year old life.  On the day of the big reveal, when we learned the identities of our Secret Santas, I got a beautiful gold bracelet from Dimples.  It’s been 25 years and I still have that bracelet stashed safely away in my jewelry box.  I had forgotten about it until my girls asked me to show them the box. I had to laugh as I relived that day.  My naïve, immature self truly thought that he had picked out that bracelet just for me. Maybe he did, but knowing my teenage son like I do, I’m pretty sure that Dimples’ mom picked out that bracelet and most likely forced him to give it to me.

Participating in the ARWB ornament exchange was just as exciting. The only difference was that I didn’t know the identity of my Santa until I received her gift in the mail.  My Santa was Julie Kohl from Eggs & Herbs. She obviously did her research because her gift pegged me perfectly! My box included a bottle of homemade vanilla (Hello! Coolest stuff ever!) and 3 beautiful homemade ornaments.


Head over and check out Julie’s blog.  She’s a Jack…er…Jill-of-all-trades.  Crafts.  Recipes. You name it. She has lots of great stuff to share!

I also want to give a shout out to the blogger that I sent an ornament to:  Peggy Bayer from Pork Chop Tuesday.  Can I just say….Arkansas has some amazing bloggers!  Thanks to everyone that played along…especially my Secret Santa, Julie.  Merry Christmas!





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