My Favorite Sites


Our Best Bites is by far my favorite place to find family friendly recipes.

Once a Month Cooking is my new-found love. is a great source for any recipe.  I love their “ingredient” feature.  Type in what you have in your cabinet and it will give you a recipe using those ingredients.  Love it!

The Pioneer Woman …..I am ashamed to admit that it took me a long time to get on the Pioneer Woman bandwagon, or stagecoach, or whatever.  But, once I did….dang!  What took me so long!  Every recipe I have tried from PW has been amazing.  Especially her chicken salad and pasta carbonara.  Yuhuhummy!

Cooking Contest Central is a must if you enjoy cooking to compete.  It offers access to active cooking and recipe contests as well as a message board where you can interact with other competitive cooks.

Food Mom is a simple blog that features recipes, cooking tips, and foodie news from around the web.





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